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Tie Tactical

about Our product



Tie Tactical is a custom artist company based out of texas. we specialize in kydex sheaths. each product is crafted individually by hand.  Kydex is molded to any knife requested. the sHeaths come with a LEVEL II RETENTION locking system that prevents movement or deployment of your knife. 

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.



Why Tie Tactical?

"Just received my new kydex sheath from tie tactical today, and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. the shape of the sheath was a rather complex,customized design that i had sketched out, but i wasn't sure if it could actually be built. i had a very specific vision of how i wanted it to look, and Kevin at tie tactical nailed it! Every angle and every curve of the sheath matched my sketch perfectly. the detail and qualify of the sheath is beyond what I had hoped for, and the Level II retention on the sheath holds the knife in there like a rock. I think the Level II retention is a must on a sheath. And if I'm going to carry around a knife all day, every day, then it better have a sheath with a bad-ass stealthy profile. this is why I keep sending all my knifes to tie tactical."

-Geno, MD         


"Unique, Innovative, American Made, Battle Tested, No other sheath like it on the market."


                    - David Drake

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